UK property tycoon shares his buy-to-let Investment Strategy


UK property tycoon shares his buy-to-let Investment Strategy

You don’t get to be one of the UK’s largest private landlords without having a strategy. However, that strategy doesn’t need to be overly complex, as Kevin Green has been explaining at his series of training events around the UK. With a property portfolio worth some £144 million, Green certainly knows a thing or two about what does and what doesn’t make a good property investment.

When it comes to investing in buy-to-let homes, Green believes that it’s essential to judge an area not only on how easy it is to let properties there, but also how easy it is to sell them. Right now, that means South Wales, Northern Ireland and several parts of Scotland are firmly on his radar. London, with its cooling market and depressed yields, is firmly out of favour.

Green has always been a fan of the UK’s regional markets. Over time, South Wales has been the area that has proven most consistent for him in terms of yields, and remains one of the country’s most attractive areas for buy-to-let investment.

Green’s continuing focus on the UK as the place in which to invest his funds demonstrates his faith in the country’s ongoing potential. When asked what it is about the UK’s buy-to-let market that gives it the edge over other countries, he highlights a number of factors. The UK enjoys one of the world’s highest rental demands and the free availability of interest only mortgages gives investors a great deal of flexibility in terms of their investment strategies.

The UK’s housing shortage also comes into play. In recent years, each successive government has announced its strategy to tackle the housing ‘crisis’ and each has then built homes at a slower pace than the country needs in order to house its booming population. Green doesn’t believe that the situation will be overcome in the foreseeable future – the UK has been falling too far short of requirements for too long. In simple terms, the population is increasing faster than house builders can build.

When it comes to his strategy for UK buy-to-let property investment, Green’s focus is firmly split between location, yield and currency exchange rates (for overseas buyers). He is also adept at spotting the warning signs of an area – if a location has too many empty properties, looks dirty and run down, or is too far away from the centre of town, it’s not the right place for a buy-to-let investment, even if the properties there are absolute bargains. There’s a lot more to buy-to-let success than purchase prices.

Green is known for sharing his success strategies with others. He’s keen to help all those with the determination to succeed and his UK-based training sessions are part of that commitment. Those wishing to meet Kevin Green in person and learn from his experience can next do so in Birmingham. The 1-Day FREE Training will take place on Sunday, 1st March. There are a limited number of FREE tickets available for those who book early enough.

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